Thursday, September 3, 2009

Not Cool, Brett Favre.

So I watched this video on YouTube a couple minutes ago. Here take a look.

**Insert imbedded YouTube video that was pulled from YouTube by the NFL here**

For those of you who can't see the clip, Brett Favre, quarterback for the Minnesota Vikings, is shown performing a crackback block on Eugene Wilson of the Houston Texans on Monday, August 31st.

Crackback blocks are banned from football for a reason. As the commentator noted in the video, people could suffer serious injuries or even lose their careers after being blocked like this. At the angle that the defender is running, he can't anticipate the hit and adjust to take the blow, let alone hit back. It's a coward's move, designed to deal the highest amount of damage to an opponent with little risk to the person blocking. It happens in high school football fairly frequently, as players are often poorly trained how to block properly, or they simply lack discipline.

But this guy is a professional. What's unusual about this situation is that it's Brett Farve, former Green Bay Packer legend, now a Viking giving cheap shots. I can only imagine coming so close to the Super Bowl in 2008, only to fall short against the eventual league champions, was devastating to an almost retired Favre. I think he's losing it at this point. He's not himself anymore. Maybe his rib problems made him feel like he couldn't perform a legitimate block.

But there's really no excuse. This kind of stuff is unacceptable. I mean people in their mid twenties like myself grew up in the Favre era, and can remember him winning the Super Bowl against the New England Patriots. I can remember his emotional win on his first game back after his father had passed away. And now this.

It's upsetting to see a living legend turn into the playground bully right before your eyes.


Ozkirbas said...

It's unfortunate with what has happened to the concept of sportsmanship in professional sports - both on and off the field.

Jstone said...

or he's a quarterback and can't block for shit and slipped up once and the media has jumped on it because it's Brett Favre and nothing is more entertaining than watching a once glorious athlete fade away.

Or Brett Favre is a douche and should retire. I think its a little of both.

Dennis said...

I never liked Brett Farve, always found him to be arrogant. Then again, I generally hate the "good guy" and everyone always loved him.

I definitely enjoy watching him slowing ruin his legacy.