Saturday, August 21, 2010

These Gentlemen Ride (And Write) Again!

You may have noticed some recent activity here at These Gentlemen after a largely dormant summer. We had a nice little two-month break to reorganize and give the blog (and our brains) a bit of a reboot, but I'm happy to say that These Gentlemen is back in the business of, well, gentlemanliness.

Kind of like this, except we're not backed by Will Smith's billions.

Rested and refreshed, over the past few weeks we've been discussing new ideas for posts on which we've been ruminating, and talking about steps we can take to Be All the Blog We Can Be.

I've discovered my roommate's Photoshop software. Bow ties for EVERYONE!

With that come a few changes to our line-up and our posting policies. Some of These Gentlemen have moved onward (and upward, I'm sure) to phases of their lives in which they don't have the time or the ability to continue writing for us, and so it is with great sorrow that we say so long to:

Alex - Continuing her pursuit of acting and organizing the lives of those who cannot organize themselves

Daniel - Being hilarious professionally on a boat

Stephen - Proud new father and member of the US Army

Adam Z. Winer - Furthering journalistic integrity and being badass on the TV-box

A few of our Gentlemen might stop in from time to time, and we look forward to sporadic Guest Posts from:

Jason Heat - Taking the world of directing by storm

Matt Lindeboom - What exactly is it that you're doing up there in NJ these days, Matt?

Ozkirbas - Owning year three of law school

Don't worry though, our resident blog ghost, Damo, still roams the halls rattling his chains of brilliance all while neglecting to actually post a damn thing.

He was supposed to visit Scrooge like 150 years ago.

For those of you who are counting, that means we're down to five contributing members, and we five have decided to try something new. In the spirit of cutting down on the sometimes random nature of our writing, we've agreed to post five times a week, Monday through Friday. I bring you the new line-up of These Gentlemen:

Max Nova on Mondays

B. Graham on Tuesdays

David Pratt on Wednesdays

ali d. on Thursdays

Brett on Fridays

We're planning to bring you even more positive changes in the future, including a redesign of our blogspot page, leading up to our eventual move to our very own website. Heck, we're even thinking about changing our color to black text on a white background. But we don't want to get too crazy right away.

Whatever the future may bring, with this post I'd like to say that we are still Gentlemen, and we are still here to entertain you.


B.Graham said...

I just want to say how much I'm a huge fan of this post. And the pitchers of us.

David Pratt said...

I like the shortstops of us.

B.Graham said...

I like the Karate Kid's bowtie.