Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Gentlemonth: Horror and the Supernatural

The harvest approaches. The light wanes with each fleeting day. Men and women shudder at the dubious, damp, dank, dark. Scarecrows and straw-men are raised once more - peering in ghastly silence. Fields and forests seep with the hushed trills of imps. Rusty tractors slowly amble, droning and coughing, trancelike in their tiresome toiling. Creaking floorboards sound out hollow moans. Families lock their doors, and soak their sanity in superstition.

And, rightfully so.

October is here. All Hallows Eve is fast approaching and you know what that means. Gather 'round the camp fire, Gentle Readers. For this month, in the spirit of the harvest, of ghost and goblins, of magik (with a k) and mayhem, of undeath and desire, we discuss the torrid tales percolated within humanity's unconsciousness. Stories so foul, tales so horrifying, legends so dreadful, knowing that they stray from the mouths of mortal men will leave you aghast.

That's right, Gentle Readers. This month, These Gentlemen discuss fan fiction. And we - hold on. What the-
Jason Heat: Ozkirbas, we are not discussing... fan fiction.

Ozkirbas: Where did you COME from!?

JH: Fan fiction does not have a place on These Gentlemen!

Oz: Not even supernatural fan fiction?

JH: Especially not supernatural fan fiction

Oz: But, it was for the la-


Oz: Ok, seriously. Is there a trap door somewhere or - hey. Hey, where'd you go?
How'd he do that? Weird. Well, it's October and (now that fan fiction is out) These Gentlemen are taking on Horror and the Supernatural! My classy companions and I venture deep into the mythos and ethereal wonder that permeates the dark recesses of American culture. Myths, monsters, urban legends, and horror motifs abound! Pray that we are fruitful. And, that we return with our lives and minds intact!


Miasma said...

Haha, yussss


discuss. and visit. 5 min from DC

ali d said...

There is ALWAYS a place for fan fiction. Psh.

@Miasma - I first heard about Goat Man Hollow from a colleague at the Capital Fringe Fest '08. It sounds awesome and I am DETERMINED to get there this year!

Miasma said...

Ali, I sincerely hope you do. Do you know Randy and Jacinda? They are fringe fest folks and so much fun.

Jstone said...

did you still want a contribution from me?

Ozkirbas said...

@ Jstone - Absolutely

ali d said...

Jacinda was the one who told me about it! *It's a small, small wooooorld*

Matt Lindeboom said...

I have a good one for this

Miasma said...

OOOOOOhhhh... Ali you have Got to come see the scene I do with Cindy. we are so creepy together :)

and bring some arm candy or Randy will flirt with ya ;)