Monday, February 22, 2010

Greatest Song Ever Written Contest 2010: The Finale

Let's not beat around the bush. The votes are in, the decisions have been made, and we are down to our final two contenders. One of these two songs will be voted the Greatest Song Ever Written. Here they are, presented for your approval.

Send in your final votes to All votes are due by midnight, March 1st, after which time a winner will be declared.

Let the final round of voting begin! Your two finalists are . . . .


"Dock of the Bay"
by: Otis Redding

Written in 1967 and released in 1968, this soft soul ballad tells the tale of a man who took a chance on a new life - and how it just didn't work out. Set against the backdrop of Steve Cropper's unforgettable guitar stylings, "Dock of the Bay" became the first posthumously-released song to become a #1 Single. Recorded just three days before Redding's tragic death in a plane crash, it has become the song which defined his career, winning 2 Grammys and being covered by artists ranging from Michael Bolton to Pearl Jam. It has forged an unforgettable legacy in the annals of music history, and is without argument one of the finest recordings of all time.

by: Van Morrison

This blend of jazz and country rock in the inimitable style of Van Morrison has captivated listeners for 40 years. Released in 1970 on an album of the same name, "Moondance" propelled Van Morrison to success as an artist. Its accessible nature as a song and soothing, swinging rhythm has made it one of the most often-covered songs of the modern era, and has been performed in concert by Van Morrison more than anything else he has written. Reminiscent of Frank Sinatra yet easily re-recorded by Michael Buble, "Moondance" has the timeless quality of a truly well-written song, and will continue to swing through the airwaves for decades to come.

Videos of Van Morrison playing "Moondance" are hard to find, so enjoy this link to the song.

"Dock of the Bay" or "Moondance?" Which will win? The decision is in your hands now.


Ben said...


David Pratt said...

There's an e-mail to send votes to in the post.

Jason Heat said...

i feel like these choices really vindicate my original p;ost

David Pratt said...

Before it was just speculation; now there's experimentation to back up your hypothesis.

Brett said...

I'm really surprised Wonderwall didn't beat Moondance. That would've been an interesting generational battle.

When this is done, I think it would be cool to see the entire list of competitors in a hierarchy of which round they went out in, like:

GREATEST SONG: whichever one it is
RUNNER-UP: whichever one it is

and so forth. Like a pyramid of great music with Dock of the Bay/Moondance on the top.