Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Yes, That's in the Constitution

Yes you ignorant witch.  You abominable sow.  You twisted, atrocious harpy who dares to run for public office.  Yes, Christine O'Donnell, separation of Church and State is in the Constitution.

I swear I will make it my mission should I fulfill my dream of becoming President to make sure there is not another American citizen ever raised so ignorant, self-righteous, and moronically over-reaching as you.  And if they are, I'll at least make sure they're aware of it enough to not try and impose themselves on the American political system.  How are you possibly running for a seat of public office without being aware of the separation of Church and State?  It is the FIRST THING in the Constitution.  The Constitution of the United States of America, which you can read here, along with all amendments and obsolete text for historical framing, and explanations of everything if you need more.

Anyone can find the Constitution like this.  It's on the internet.  There's a copy somewhere in every local library.  It's in textbooks in practically every school in the country.  So HOW does someone who knows so frighteningly little about it end up in a public race?  Better yet, how do I still live in a country where an obscene number of people believe the things she does, or hold similar feelings?  It is right there, for anyone to read, the framework for all the laws in America.  There is no reason for anybody to have any questions about what is and isn't in the Constitution, only how it's interpreted.  And she was not interpreting it, she was just ignorant.

The First Amendment guarantees the government shall establish no religion, nor hinder anyone from practicing theirs.  Thomas Jefferson even spelled it out for people in 1802, and for the last 208 years we've understood that government does not interfere with religion, and expects the same courtesy in return.  Our Founding Fathers, for all their faults, remembered that people came to the New World seeking religious freedom in the first place, and they would not impose any institution, including public schools, that taught any sort of religious doctrine.  That anyone still needs to have this told to them makes me furious.  Not only that, her lack of knowledge regarding the document she's running for office to uphold runs much deeper.

If she even comes close to winning this race I'll have lost a lot of faith in my fellow Americans.  Stupid, loud people keep ending up in power because we keep listening to them over the quieter, more reasonable voices.  Someone needs to draw a line, and there's never been a better place to get started than with this horrible skank in Delaware.  Shut her down, and everyone else like her.

And Vote Pratt in 2020.


~Just me said...

I have a real hard time believing I'm watching her on the real news and not on SNL. It is completely baffling.

ali d said...

What horrifies me the most is that after she first asked him where separation of church and state is in the Constitution, she grinned like a bobble-headed idiot at the Widener Law students who were laughing at her, like she had made a clever joke to one-up Coons. She's not even self-aware enough to realize when an entire crowd is laughing at her, not with her.

Brett said...

I interpreted her grin not as a "they're laughing with me" one, but as a "I'm so superior to you all because you're all a bunch of brainwashed liberal dummies who think it says 'separation of church and state' in the Constitution.'"