Friday, April 2, 2010

Gentlemonth: Where We Went to High School

April is a special month. The trees start to bloom, warm weather starts creeping in, thoughts start wandering to pool parties and beach vacations, and prom is just around the corner!

That's right, April is a GentleMonth (kind of like the Daily Double, you never know when it's going to pop up), and this time around we'll be talking about Where We Went to High School. Journey with us as we plumb the depths of where, and when, and what the hell happened.

So dust off your prom dress and boutonniere, kick up the parking lot jams, and don't forget to finish that essay on Abraham Lincoln, because we'll be winding back the clock, just a bit, to a simpler, er, more hormonal time.

These Gentlemen in High School. Would you have been friends with us?

1 comment:

Missie said...

*le sigh*

You know, I really miss using a whole can of Aquanet to hold up the nest of bangs that towered over my head!

Good times!