Wednesday, May 13, 2009

And in Other News

Given our recent journalism discussion, I figure I'd mention one more recent thought. After the Caps and DC United games on Saturday I found myself at a bar with some friends, and on the TVs between many highlights of the Caps loss and very few of DC United tie they showed that wonderful staple of local television journalism - footage of people reacting to a sport event. This just strikes me as a strange choice. You've got a lot of talented folks working for your TV station, many of them with college degrees in a profession whose aim is to gather information, but you show people in a bar watching an event on TV that has already completed. It boggles my mind.

No more journalism observations for a while, I swear.

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Joseph Johns the Populist said...

On the contrary, I think journalism needs to be talked up. (But perhaps it's been done to death, I just began following.