Monday, May 4, 2009

Columnists Assemble!

Maybe it was Comic Book Day warping my mind a bit, but I was thinking today that the New York Times columnists feel a bit like a super hero team. You've got the three crusading members Nickolas Kristof, Bob Herbert, and Paul Krugman shoot off to the corners of the world (To Darfur! To the South! To Wall Street!) to decry corruption. Then you've got Maureen Dowd like Spiderman after one too many martinis getting in more quips than actual punches on the villian of the week.

Frank Rich is like Professor X, coming down once a week to dispense his aged wisdom, but he's also just a liiiiitle bit creepy. Tom Friedman seems to split the difference between the caped columnist and the womanly wordsmith and comes off a bit like Beast, a wise-cracking dork always coming up with something new that occasionally blows up in his face (The World is Flat? As if!). David Brooks is like that zany conservative neighor coming by for nachos, or I guess Mr. Mxyzptlk except that he doesn't really screw anything up. Then there are bread and butter folks like Gail Collins and Roger Cohen, because someone has got to be Iceman and Storm, right?

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