Friday, May 1, 2009

The Best Case for Sick Leave

[Disclaimer: Lest you think there is any racial implications to this argument, imagine that the world is currently in the grips of the Canadian Geese Flu and that I only eat at French-Canadian restaurants.]

[Second disclaimer: I know this will probably turn a lot of people off from eating at restaurants, so do not read this if you are a hypochondriac or germophobe.]

From the posting in the last roundtable, it's obvious that we are a pretty pro-universal health care group. I'd like to throw a little more fuel on the fire.

Judith Warner, who always has excellent web columns/blogs on the NY Times, had a great one today. At this point it defies all logical reasoning that a vast number of restaurant employees have neither paid health care nor sick days. Think for a second about the places you eat and all of the people involved in preparing, serving and removing that food.

I'd like to take things a step further from her argument and continue on from my Buy Local post earlier. Support restaurants that support their workers. While at first it might seem crazy to ask a restaurant manager straight up if they provide health care and sick days to their workers, the US already looks batshit crazy to the rest of the world.

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