Sunday, January 10, 2010

30 Tiny Truths - 12

12 - Wind Chimes - The tiniest of my truths

During a breezy day in April, or a languid Autumn afternoon, wind chimes are a charming auditory addition - a touch of Americana that makes any house just a little more charming. But that's during the daytime.

After dark, wind chimes are always unsettling. When I'm walking back to my residence late at night after a concert and hear wind chimes, my first thought is, "That's a bit eerie." Then my second thought is, "Where is the serial killer hiding?" Is he in the bushes or behind a house? Does he have a big knife, maybe he's wearing a hockey mask? I've seen this movie far too many times, and I know that I'm gonna die.

So neighbors, just keep that in mind when you put up wind chimes. You're dooming me to a horror movie death, and all for a bit of tacky noise.