Monday, January 11, 2010

On The Pantlessness

Another year, another No Pants Metro ride. I did not partake.

Now when the idea was first conceived by Improv Everywhere it was kinda neat. But now it's a yearly event and fast closing in on the world wide stature and popularity of such classic days as Talk Like A Pirate Day and "Columbus Day."

I'm not a prude, though. One sees far far far worse things at a gym, and that's often with people wearing clothes. But let me make this very clear to you, pantless folks. You are not edgy, and you're not freakin' people out. The whole idea with improv, even in it's most trite flash mob form, is that it's not predictable. Doing the same thing every year? That's really predictable.

Now, not wearing pants on New Years Eve - that would be a bit edgy. Not wearing pants to work - that would be edgy and probably ill conceived. But a bunch of folks all wearing boxers on the metro. Really now? Have you never seen douchbags on the metro after an adult kickball game? Have you not interacted with members of college fraternities? If you're in a frat, a day with pants is a surprising and unlikely occurrence.

So let's try a little harder. You have until Talk Like A Pirate Day to come up with something new and actually cleaver. I look forward to it.

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nevie said...

oh MANNN. i was on the metro today and everybody was wearing pants! FML.