Thursday, January 14, 2010

I'm with Coco

Artist Mike Mitchell created this heroic looking "I'm with Coco" image in support of Conan O'Brien's spar with NBC

Irritated by the proposed shakeup to NBC’s late-night schedule, Mike Mitchell, an artist in Los Angeles, sketched a heroic image of Conan O’Brien on Monday night, shaded the hair orange, and, recalling one of that talk show host’s nicknames, added the words “I’m with CoCo.”

And a viral hit was born.


David Pratt said...

I am also with Coco, and stand strong as a member of the pompadour army.

What NBC expects to gain from this besides alienating an even greater portion of the audience than they already do is beyond me. Do they want Jay Leno to have a show that badly?

B.Graham said...

i, too, am with coco. it's hard sometimes to tell who is truly the bad guy in this situation... and then i just side with coco.

B.Graham said...



Dennis said...

I love Conan as much as the next person but honestly, I kind of want him to leave NBC.

His show was so much better in the late late night slot. He has this whole legacy he has to live up to. I'd rather just see him move on and do his own thing.

Matt Lindeboom said...

I absolutely agree with Dennis. The Tonight Show is the prize of late night television for sure. But if you have to change yourself and your humor in order to fill some kind of main stream yuk man, is it really worth it? No, Conan, it's not. Do your own thing. I'm with Coco.