Monday, November 1, 2010

The Band That Changed Your Life ...

...has broken up. Yes, the Shins have broken up. Wikipedia may say 1997 to present, but the internets are kidding themselves. The Shins are no more.

If it makes you feel any better, my favorite band as a young lad, have also broken up as well despite what a very tall bald rock n' roller says. But the point still stands, that indie rock band that we have all grown to know and love is no longer functioning in a manner that it can still be called The Shins. James Mercer sacked 50% of the people who were originally part of the thing called The Shins last year and if interview are to be believed, he wanted to start fresh without the band name. But managers and money and whatnot intervened and so we still have an entity that will keep playing that band's music, but with a new more "polished."

I sound a bit bitter, right? Eh, not bitter, just concerned that a band that's ostensibly indie rock will become as careerist as say, Journey. Sometimes you just need to break up your band. And make sure whatever you do afterwards is less terrible than Zwan.

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