Monday, November 22, 2010

A Brief Endorsement

I've been pondering a longer post for this week, but it still needs a bit more time to marinate. So for now, and given my last post was more on the negative critical side, I'll provide an endorsement.

My listening when I go jogging has evolved over time. In college is was mostly music, then I started listening to podcasts (This American Life being a regular part of the rotation). Lately I've been listening a lot to all of the Slate Podcasts available.

The three weekly podcasts are the Slate Political Gabfest, whose content you can guess, the Slate Culture gabfest which generally touches on TV and movies with a sprinkling of literature, music, magazine writing, etc, and Hang Up and Listen, the classiest of sports podcasts. Basically, they're all delightful and if you need more podcast material (and who doesn't?) then give them a listen.

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B.Graham said...

Sweet! That's pretty much exactly what I'm looking for in a podcast; I will give them a listen... also, do you know if the NPR segment "Interfaith Voices" is its own podcast?