Thursday, November 4, 2010

I Didn't Really Have Anything to Write About Today

Governor O'Malley, I find something about your campaign promises very curious.

As you campaigned against former-Governor Bob Ehrlich, you claimed that fixing Maryland's economy (which is facing a budget shortfall of over $1 billion) could be accomplished with budget cuts and transfers. Maryland should be in a place of economic recovery before any tax hikes are considered. And sure enough, you claim to right this minute be writing a budget proposal for January without a single tax increase.

Your campaign claims also contain this little nugget though: that you can't guarantee that tax increases won't become necessary to balance the budget.


So the governor responsible for the income tax increase, the title fee increase, a 20% sales tax increase, the tobacco tax increase, and many many more, promises that immediately after he's elected, there won't be any tax hikes, but that he can't promise there won't just HAVE to be additional taxes on already hurting Marylanders later.


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