Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Taking Thanksgiving Off

As I write this, I am at work, where I will remain until roughly 8:30PM this evening.  After which time, I will make the drive from Maryland back up to New York, taking a new route this time because according to my sources Delaware is going to be a parking lot until Monday.  I'll arrive at home around 4 in the morning, sleep until noon, and then wake up just to drive from my Mom's house to my Dad's.  There I'll enjoy an early Thanksgiving, go back to Mom's house for an evening one, and then leave for Maryland again the next day.

This has been my routine for three Thanksgivings running, despite my mother's protests that I don't really need to go to my Dad's place.  Ah well.

In any event, I will return next week, thankful that I have a family to go home to, a wonderful girlfriend to take with me, and dedicated (if silent) readers enjoying my work.  A Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours from me, and, I'm sure, all of us at These Gentlemen.

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