Sunday, April 19, 2009

Be a Gentleman

It's with some sadness and disappointment that I announce that John Barkmeyer has had to bow out of Gentlemanly status due to issues of time and energy. It's a shame because I believe we would have all benefited from getting to read John's writing on a regular basis.

With that said, we now have an opening for a NEW Gentleman - and we're wondering who's interested. If you'd like to write for the site please send your name, a description of both yourself and why you're interested, and a brief writing sample in the style of These Gentlemen to

Looking forward to reading you.


Blogden Nash said...

That is the proof. There is no God.

Ozkirbas said...

It's proof that GOD has abandoned us.

Dialectric said...

Sure. Why not? How regular does it have to be? I mean, heck, half of you work for me already... might as well, enslave the competent ones, too.... ;-)

Jason Heat said...

We're looking for once a week posting, once a week RoundTable responses, once a month meetings and consistent e-mail correspondence.