Monday, April 27, 2009

Less is More is Less

In our crazy world where people can already have nostalgia for the Strokes (I personally did on a crisp spring day in 2006 while walking through College Park) I'd like to jump out ahead on an inevitable trend which will happen at some point in the next few years. People will want less information, and they'll want better information.

With all the tweeting, blogging and texting, we have hit the lowest common denominator. For the younger generation, this is already a way of life, and they probably will keep on tweeting their farts, which is fine I'm all for freedom of expression not involving wasting teabags because you have to pay taxes. But for folks our age and older, who remember the Apple IIe, or the time even before that, there is going to come a day when the almost-literate playground taunts of Wonkette and the meaningless city minutia of DCist will seem pointless (and I say this as someone who enjoys both blogs). We're going to start pushing again for good newspapers and news magazines and books.

At least I hope this is how things will happen, becuase pretty soon even nostalgia won't save the newsprint.


Jstone said...

Nope. We've hit a turning point. This is not Point No Point, Missouri, we have rounded the bend and the current can only take us further out to sea.

B.Graham said...

I agree (with you, not Jstone). I think/hope we're going to reach a point where less is cool. Like how green is cool, but better.

Ozkirbas said...

Leather bindings, ink, paper. All important things.