Friday, August 21, 2009

And now, for your mild amusement, and to mock you, Adam, a rainbow

The ubiquitous 'they' seem to always associate rain storms with a bad mood, and lighting/thunder with a dramatic, terrible occurrence. I guess it can provide a dramatic setting, but also acts as a metaphor.

On my porch, while pressing that small, green SEND button on my phone, I saw lightning strike through the gray sky. The clouds pressed inwards against each other, dense and burgeoning, the humidity thick, I could taste the familiar air, and again, more light streaks and flashes.

Then, the friendly but busy voice on the other end responds to her buzzing blackberry, "yes?"

Moments later, the rain came. It came down quick, and heavy. When I tried to take the dog out, she lasted all but 2 seconds before she whimpered and ran back under the porch, already soaked. I had an umbrella, but I was already soaked. I had already cursed the sky, and cursed the rain, and cursed myself.

I had made a difficult but important decision, but now it would have to be made again:

"... if something changes I'll be sure to let you know... "

Naturally, the rain slowed - it's the summer, after all, it's not going to rain forever. Soon, the water will drain somewhere, and run off into the river, I suppose. Maybe I'll breathe again, I suppose.

It rained

I don't like 'they', and I especially don't like it when 'they' are right. But they were right this time. The lightning storm acted as both a gorgeous setting, and a terrible metaphor.

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