Saturday, August 22, 2009

Nothing, But the Rain

It might sound odd to some, but, the truth is, I enjoy a rainy day. There's something about the atmospheric pressure - the build and release - that gives me a sense of peace when the water begins to fall. I don't mind being wet and, when it's colder, it's a decent excuse to drink a warm beverage, maybe some soup, and watch a movie or read a book. Staring out of a window into a rain-drenched world, it can be a little melancholic. But, I like that sort of thing - especially when I approach it as life affirming - as I know that this also means the sun will, again, come out soon. And, if not the sun, then the moon. It's an opportunity to be contemplative without being mopey or brooding. And, lets be honest, our world could use a little more contemplation from time to time.

"Nothing, but the rain" is a line taken from Battlestar Galactica, a science fiction re-imagining of the 1970's television series of the same name. Two of the main characters (Bill Adama portrayed by Edward James Olmos; Kara "Starbuck" Thrace; portrayed by Katee Sackhoff - seen left) share a repeated back-and-forth derived from military marching cadences. This exchange deeply resonates with the sense of kinship, understanding, and trust within their father/daughter-like relationship:
Adama: What do you hear, Starbuck?
Starbuck: Nothing, but the rain, sir.
Adama: Then grab your gun and bring in the cat.
Starbuck: Boom boom boom!/Wilco!/Aye-aye, sir. (varied)
It's a great exchange, aptly denoting an emotional connection beyond the words typed on the page. As a creative choice, Ron Moore effectively demonstrates his appreciation for nuance in the fiction he writes. As such, it further adds another element to those that made Battlestar such a great series.

Recently, I've discovered some news concerning Caprica, Battlestar's prequel spin-off series:

I'll avoid going into the obvious excitement of having James Marsters as a regular on another television favorite-to-be and go into the greater discussion - the eventual collaboration of Ron D. Moore and Joss Whedon.

It's close and I can feel it. The planets are slowly aligning. Battlestar alum Tamoh Penikett already has found himself as a main character on Whedon's Dollhouse. James Marsters was cast as an important character on Moore's Caprica. And then, of course, there was this little skit from Robot Chicken:

They can leave Seth McFarlane to concoct another version of Family Guy/American Dad. But, the divine union (as I've just now started calling it) smells of inevitability and I cannot wait. In my fantasy world, it looks a lot like this:
(Joss Whedon and Ron Moore are walking outside on the street, each carrying a script)

Whedon: Oh, woe is me! I've started writing the perfect script, but I've only been able to finish the first half! Frustration!

Moore: Wow, Joss that's interesting! I, too, have been working on the perfect script, but I've only been able to finish the second half!

Whedon: That is odd and strangely coincidental!

Moore: Let's exchange scripts and see if we can help each other!

(5 minutes later)

Whedon and Moore: HOLY CRAP!

Whedon: This would be the perfect ending to my script!

Moore: And, this would be the perfect beginning to my script!

Whedon: We should collaborate and create the perfect story in whatever visual medium we decide!

Moore: I agree without reservation! Isn't it interesting how we know all the same people, yet never had this idea before?

Ozkirbas: Hey guys!

Whedon and Moore: Hello there, person we've just met who has materialized from nowhere!

Ozkirbas: I have no clue why or how I'm here, but I wanted to let you know that I've been pulling for this for a long time!

Whedon and Moore: That's excellent, John! We greatly appreciate it!

Ozkirbas: Wow, that was oddly prescient and uttered in complete unision. But, I'm okay with it!

Whedon: Why don' t you come along and we'll introduce you to everyone we know and tell you the secret of our success!

Ozkirbas: Sure! Let me go to the bathroom first just in case I get too excited!

Moore: I would! Because, the first person you're meeting is Katee Sackhoff!

Ozkirbas: Awesome! All my dreams are suddenly coming true!
What a nice fantasy. But, I'm confident it's bound to happen. And, when it does, I will watch nothing else. Nothing.


Capt. said...

I support your philosophy, sir. I fully support the Whedonverse, and I pray for the return of the Browncoats.

Ozkirbas said...

I hated what was done to Firefly. And Arrested Development. And Dead Like Me. I secretly want a shirt that says "RIP Firefly 2002-2003. Never Again."