Saturday, August 29, 2009

Top Five Oasis Songs

Well, it finally happened. After eighteen years, Noel Gallagher has left Oasis, "with some sadness and great relief," effectively ending the band's existence. In honor of the first band I ever called my favorite, I give you the top five greatest songs from the Gallagher brothers.

5. I Hope, I Think, I Know
After the huge commercial success of (What's the Story) Morning Glory, Oasis was faced with the daunting task of following up one of the biggest hit records in not just British, but international history. While the follow up album, Be Here Now, was by no means as commercially successful as its predecessor, the album was a critical hit, and showed the band taking more and more risks in their music (the average song length is somewhere around seven minutes). "I Hope, I Think, I Know" is a declaration, a flip of the bird to the nonbelievers, a sort of "catch me if you can."

Favorite lyric-They're trying hard to put me in my place, and that is why I gotta keep running.

4. The Masterplan

I'm not sure I can think of any other band that puts more effort and time into their b-sides as Oasis did. An Oasis B-side is an A-side for any other band, in fact, Oasis's 1998 release The Masterplan is an entire album composed of nothing but B-sides. The title track is nothing short of a masterpiece, with its soft, haunting vocals laid over not just the band, but an entire back up orchestra. This one is a Noel classic.

Favorite lyric-There's four and twenty million doors,
down life's endless corridor.

3. Supersonic

At the beginning of this song on Oasis's Familiar to Millions live album, Liam says, "Let's have a couple more of these songs, Noel...write a couple more of these babies!" He's got a point. This song is Noel Gallagher at his best, he's a kid, he's lonely, and he's completely unapologetic. Supersonic is a psychedelic tour de force, it's a kid pouring his heart out on paper and you can hear it in every word of the song.

Favorite lyric-I need to be myself, I can't be no one else.

2. Wonderwall

There isn't much that needs to be said about Wonderwall. Noel's song for his girlfriend (and eventual wife), is the biggest Oasis hit of all time, not to mention the first Oasis song I ever heard. Every once and a while, a band creates something that's completely without flaw, something that can be enjoyed by virtually anyone, and a song that transcends its genre. For Oasis, Wonderwall is that song.

1. Live Forever

It's the best Oasis song ever recorded, and now that they're gone, it seems even more poignant. Off Oasis's first record, Definitely Maybe, the song in many way has the same feel as Supersonic, but on this song, Noel lets down his guard a little bit. It's the essence of what's always made Oasis so great, two kids from Manchester with nothing to lose, sharing their hopes and dreams with anyone who'll listen. This song is about being different, it's about not fitting in, and embracing the hell out of it.

Favorite lyric-Maybe you're the same as me, we see things they'll never see.


Max Nova said...

Now Noel can finally collaborate with Damon on a Chinese Opera.

And if nothing else, he can attend a lot of Man City games now.

Daniel said...

I'm sure he will, let him enjoy that money.

Ozkirbas said...

@ Max -

His quote at the end is fantastic.

Jason Heat said...

@ OZ - that's a pretty great letter in general, too

Scotty said...

First time I heard of Oasis was when I was watching MTV Europe in Paris, and they were airing a feature about Oasis, "a hot new alternative band from England." One quote made my ears perk up (because I was a dog, apparently) - something about how, "While Oasis claim influences ranging from the Beatles to the Sex Pistols, they say their biggest influences are themselves, because, as Noel Gallagher puts it, 'we are the greatest band in the world.'"

And I thought that a bunch of arrogant snots like that would never make in the current American alternative rock climate, what with self-deprecating flannel-clad "like, y'know, whatever" mumble rock being the height of fashion at the time. God I fucking hate Counting Crows.

And while I don't look back in anger (HEE HEE), boy was I wrong.

About Oasis, that is. I still fucking hate Counting Crows.

Daniel said...

Mr jones is a hot record man.

Scotty said...

let's fight.

Stephen said...

I would have put Hello pretty high up on my list. That song brings so much energy to What's the Story that it's felt throughout the rest of the album.