Friday, August 7, 2009

Friday Entertainment Spectacular

This Friday, These Gentlemen presents an artistic foray into choral, orchestral, and electronic music with "Body Maps" by Paola Prestini. (<--- click. At the very least, her website has an amazing intro.)

Hila Plitman's voice is a testament to the beauty of human vocal ability
Celli: Jeffrey Zeigler

Enjoyable, no? An Italian-born, Julliard composition graduate, Prestini is renowned for the hauntingly beautiful music she crafts:
"Paola Prestini's music takes the listener on a journey through different life experiences, creating an aural and visual map of the different countries and cultures that have inspired her.These travels sonically reflect the impact that collective identities, cultures and values have when they meet and dissolve in a person whose artistic roots are the collective sum of many parts."
Truly amazing. Far better than I could ever describe it. For anyone interested in branching out and getting invested in some great choral work, here's the place to start. Maybe her mission statement speaks to me a little stronger than most, but it's still pieces like these that make me hope that, if I were to lose all my senses, my hearing would be taken last.

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