Thursday, September 23, 2010

An Open Letter

Dear Directors of the World,

I understand that your lives are big and important, but if you tell me that I'll be hearing from you by a specific date about whether I was cast in your film/play/ghost tour/interpretive dance, it's only polite for you to let me know by said date whether I've been cast in your film/play/ghost tour/interpretive dance. If you never intended to tell me that you decided not to cast me, that's fine, but please be up front with me about it. I'd much rather hear that you'll only be notifying the people you've cast and that the rest of us can go fuck a pig than to expect an email that never comes. Especially if I'm expecting said email because you specifically told me that you would be sending it. It's rude and annoying, and I'm frankly getting rather sick of it.

Love and Kisses,
ali d.


Cody G. said...

Thank you. THANK you. This letter should also be addressed to all potential employers of any kind. It would only make too much sense for them to actually call you when they say "we'll call you", and if not, they need to word their statements better.

Brett said...

It doesn't seem too hard to simply say, "If you don't hear back by X date, you can assume that we thank you but decided to go with someone else."

And if that date rolls around and they have not made their decision yet, contact everyone and say "date X is moving forward, please stand by." Or, heck, if they decide they want to cast/hire someone date after date X, then just do it anyways (with the expectation that the person might no longer be available). It'd be one of those, what do you call 'em, pleasant surprises.

Jackie said...

This. And it should definitely be extended to anyone who makes a promise to call by said date. At least have the decency of sending me an email. Would it really be that hard to BCC all the applicants you decided not to hire?