Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Or Maybe It's Just a Total Monet

So I tend to translate large, all-encompassing concepts I don't understand into small, accessible things that I do.

Which is why when I hear politics, I write fashion.

Liberals, to me, are bright colors with lightness or freedom of movement to them, like jersey knit or crepe de chine. They flow and change with the shape and movement of the person, allowing for all body types. Conservatives, then, are brocade and taffeta in subdued greys and blues. They give structure and shape to the bodies they cover, keeping individuals uniform, giving sameness.

If Liberals are haute couture, Conservatives are vintage chic.

So you see why I get confused when people try to tell me they don't match, and therefore never can (likewise never will) be found in the same closet.

Because, well, of course they don't match; they're completely different looks. But I'm not going to wear a princess cut gown to a picnic, or a flower-print romper to a power lunch. I'm just not. And you can't make me.

I might usually prefer the more forgiving fabrics or brighter colors and patterns, but there is a time and place for cut, for fabric, for style.

And every once in awhile I need some Ralph Lauren to my Alexander McQueen, and I want them to hang in my closet. Together. Without a televised screaming match.

Is that such an impossible dream?

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Dialectric said...

That depends. If they are hanging with my Notre Dame sweatchirts, hellz yeah, beeyotch, give that s__t back!!!