Monday, September 20, 2010

Some thoughts on the capitalism occuring during this weekend's football games

As the ball switches between teams during the many football games I'm watching this weekend, I am subjected to many 30 second interludes of attempted capitalism. And all of these adverts have got me thinking again:

* Does Charlie Sheen have to kill someone before he's taken off the air? He's just such a great example for the kids. Also, women, please stop dating Charlie Sheen.

* Who buys a light beer for it's manliness? Hey Miller Lite, stop kidding yourself. If men who drink other light years are wearing thongs, as your ads suggest, then those who drink your beer are wearing bras. We're talking about pots and kettles calling each other names here. Right now I am drinking a delightful Old Chub Scotch Ale. It is not for men who enjoy wearing women's undergarments. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

* If you don't recognize your company's CEO, you should probably be fired. There are any number of things that bother me about the show Undercover Boss (for one thing, it's basically just a primetime infomercial for a company). But you know what bothers me the most? The idea that people don't recognize the person running their company. I do not expect every worker in American to know the year when their company was founded, or even what it's ticker is on the stock market. But if the employee base of a company can't pick their CEO out of a lineup then it's an epic fail on two sides, those running the company and those working for it.

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