Tuesday, March 3, 2009

A Call for Questions - (Casa)Nova and Ask the Rabbi *Last Call for Rabbi*

We're once again looking for reader questions for two different features:

*(Casa)Nova - Anything you want to know about love, sex, relationships, parenting, and friendship answered by our very own Max Nova

*Ask the Rabbi - Last call for any questions you may have on Judaism or the Orthodox Jewish perspective before I turn the questions over to Justin.

Post them here or e-mail me.


Kat said...

Dear (Casa)Nova,

Why would a male of college age make his move on a girl (that he genuinely has feelings for) while she was drunk and he was not?

Is it a reverse form of "liquid courage"? Is that really a socially acceptable way to establish intent? And if so, what does that say about the college generation's mode of romantic expression?

Much love,

Ozkirbas said...

Dear (Casa)Nova

If your significant other, of whom used to live with you, breaks up with you, but happens to leave their pet animal behind - what do you do with it? If this particular pet is nasty or aggressive, what are the proper channels to alleviate yourself of the pet - particularly if the sig. other is opposed to taking the animal back?