Sunday, March 1, 2009

The Joy Of Sports #1

Jason has claimed that he is not a big sports fan, and so I figure from time to time I will try to justify my undying love of sports by providing the occasional example.

#1 Championships are Forever

All things in life are fleeting, except for trophies. In sports, and especially college sports, with so many schools, there are plenty of teams that have never won the big game, or even made it close. So to win a championship is both an utterly wonderful feeling for the fans at the time, but it's also a piece of eternity (or as long as sports exist).

When your team is at a low point and you're wondering what the hell you're doing in a half-full stadium watching another painful loss (and why the Bullets couldn't have become the Seadogs instead of the Wizards), you can always look to the stadium rafters, or walk past the trophy in the Comcast Center lobby, or note the four stars on the DC United jerseys.

Now if your team has never won the big one, there's something to be said for the eternal hunt. Unless of course you're a Chicago Cubs fan. Then it just sucks.

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Miasma said...

Case in point: the MD women's basketball team. national champions in 2006 and just won their first acc regular season title in 20 years this wknd.
No one will forget those soon and since the nat'l victory, the diamondback finally acknowledges there's a women's team at umd, even on the front page.