Monday, March 2, 2009

The Campaign: Introduction

Campaign season in the real world is over for now (if it ever really is), and while America deals with the ever-present financial crisis and begins gearing up for the partisan slugfests known as congress and senate, some issues are bound to get the short shrift until an emergency pushes them into the forefront. At These Gentlemen we pride ourselves on continuing the discussion whether the issues are 'in season' or not.

Which brings us to our newest weekly feature - The Campaign.

As you may have noticed, politics is a pretty big issue on the blog. And while everyone has their thoughts and words on the subject, two of our most outspoken Gents when it comes to the political realm are Damo and David Pratt. So we're going to be starting a weekly interactive conversation between these two and you about different issues, twice a week, in the form of a mock 'campaign.'

I'll be acting as moderator. Every Monday, we'll have The Issue. A different topic will be picked and both David and Damo will write position papers addressing their views on the subject. Also included on Monday will be a brief response by each of them to the other's 'opening statement.'

Then you come in. We want you to post your questions on that week's topic. A list of questions will be compiled and sent to both to answer. Those answers will be post on Thursday, with a Town Hall post - setting the stage for future discussion.

The purpose of this is NOT to produce two polarizing views and watch them argue for the sake of arguing. David and Damo both have very individualistic views that don't easily conform to two party politics, which is exactly why they've been picked for this. They may as often agree as disagree, or agree in spirit but disagree in implementation. The goal is to keep a thoughtful, open, and honest discussion going about numerous topics and give YOU the opportunity to be an interactive part in the debate.

We'll be starting this Monday with the issue of Gay Marriage. If you have suggestions for future topics please feel free to post and I'll compile a list of what you want talked about.


Miasma said...

Great idea. This should be very interesting.

Stephen said...

I'm interested to see what you two have to say about taxes. It may be the most talked about issue in campaigns in general, so it would be wrong not to touch on it.