Tuesday, March 10, 2009

(Casa)Nova #2

Round #2

From Kat:
Why would a male of college age make his move on a girl (that he genuinely has feelings for) while she was drunk and he was not?
Is it a reverse form of "liquid courage"? Is that really a socially acceptable way to establish intent? And if so, what does that say about the college generation's mode of romantic expression?

There's still a perception with many people that alcohol is like a cheap truth serum (and if you're drinking Schlitz, the truth don't come much cheaper). This leads to all sorts of nasty situations: "I'll tell her the truth when I'm drunk," "I'll kiss him when I'm drunk," I'll run for President and show my dad that I'm not the failed Bush son." You get the idea.

But if one person is drunk and the other ain't, then it's not a level playing field. It's just liquid courage for cowards. Now, people will never stop doing dumb things when their drunk, and it doesn't magically dispel the consequences, but unless you're a nutter, you will have immediate and justified guilt for things they do when they're sober.

What I'm getting at is that making sober moves on drunk people is never acceptable no matter what plenty of people are doing at college. Just because T-Pain and Kid Rock and Rush Limbaugh exist doesn't mean it's ethical to imitate them in any way.

Despite what people of different religions and situations might say, there is without a doubt a baseline for human ethics, and this would fall below it.

From Oz:
If your significant other, of whom used to live with you, breaks up with you, but happens to leave their pet animal behind - what do you do with it? If this particular pet is nasty or aggressive, what are the proper channels to alleviate yourself of the pet - particularly if the sig. other is opposed to taking the animal back?

Like all things in life, this should be handled King Solomon style. Cut Fido in half and mail a bloody two-legged half of that mess to your ex. This should also be done with children. The King had it right the first time, but then he had to second guess himself.

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Damo said...

Was NOT expecting the "chop animal/baby in half" punchline... not even a little bit.