Friday, November 6, 2009

People Should Know Better By Now

I think we've reached the point now in human development where people should have enough common sense to never ever conduct a phone call in a public restroom. It's 2009, folks. In 20 years will be sending text messages with telepathy, but until then, you're making everyone uncomfortable when you answer your phone in a bathroom.

I realize that there will always be people checking their blackberry's in the stalls, or answering their cell phone in the comfort of their home bathroom, and that's kinda like rooting for the Cowboys. It's not cool, but it's not like your committing incest or anything.

But public bathrooms, that's a no go. I'm not going to go so far and say "There should be a law ..." but if you see if happen in the future, give that person a really dirty look.

[Somehow I bet like 5 of the Gentlemen will probably reply, "But wait, I do this all the time!"]


David Pratt said...

One might even say . . . it should be obvious.

ali d said...

I have to admit, I completely disagree with you, Max, but that could be for one of two reasons:

1. I believe that this issue is black and white for a lot of people, and understandably so. If you're on the phone and you have to pee, you're of one of two minds. You're either totally OK with continuing your chat while you use the facilities, or it's absolutely not OK and you ask to call the person back.

I personally am of the former group, but I understand the reasons someone might be of the latter. So that might be the reason it wouldn't faze me in the slightest should someone answer their phone in a public restroom. I certainly wouldn't feel uncomfortable, and the last thing I'd do is give them a dirty look.

2. It might be a girl thing. I'll be the first to admit that I don't understand the whole 'ladies flock to the lav together' phenom, but I went to an all-girls Catholic high school, so I know that it's a stereotype that is all too true. For some girls it's weirder if you DON'T want to go as a group. (No, honestly, I don't need someone to accompany me to the restroom. I'll manage fine on my own. Promise.)

BUT hitting the stalls can and often is a social outing in and of itself for women. We use it as an opportunity to talk about what's happening outside the doors. So what's a woman answering her phone in the stall next to me? It's just someone else chatting in the bathroom. I'm talking to someone in the stall next to me; she's on the phone. What's the big difference?

Perhaps you could elucidate what bothers you about it so much? I'm afraid that for me, it isn't as cut and dry as you think it should be.

Max Nova said...

Well, talking to other people in the restroom is okay at times, but that's different, since all parties know what they're getting into. If you're on the phone and have to pee, tell the person and then resume the convo in a minute.

Jackie said...

I agree wit Ali, so maybe it's just a girl thing. Do I make phone calls from the toilet? No, but if I'm on the phone and I really have to go, I don't see what the big deal is. Shrug. I guess I just don't understand why you wouldn't?

Alex said...

Hm... I definitely don't talk on the phone while peeing.

I do, however, text from the shower.

Max Nova said...

I'm now afraid to text Alex, as it might lead to electrocution.