Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Satisfaction Guaranteed

This should get to be the sports story of the year. After getting drubbed 9-1 by my Spurs on Sunday, Wigan Athletic are refunding the ticket cost for all of their traveling fans out of their players pockets.

I'm of two minds about this. Obviously it sets an amazing precedent, and given how bad Wigan were, no one is stopping them from doing this. Plus just imagine if even one of the big US banks said, "We're not just giving up our bonuses, our top staff will all give back their salaries for the year." What if the Redskins refunded fans money for their losses earlier this season? It could be a better world. Maybe we'd even start paying teachers decent salaries, and calling our parents more, and Glenn Beck would just vanish.

But look at it another way. Imagine you were not a partisan supporter of either team, but just went to White Hart Lane to catch the game because you enjoy soccer. You got an amazing value for your money -- 10 goals, and an astonishing 5 by my man Jermain Defoe, with some able help from the future of English soccer, Aaron Lennon. If anything they should have started charging an extra quid or two on each patron after about the sixth goal. Plus, there are crazy scores in college football all the time. Even good teams get played off the field pretty regularly (hello there, USC!). And you don't want your fans asking for their money back after every loss. Maryland Football would go bankrupt this season.

The important thing, though, is we really improved our goal differential.

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