Friday, November 20, 2009

One Year Old

It passed us by a bit, but I wanted to take a moment to acknowledge that as a site and a group, These Gentlemen is now just over a year old - and I think that's pretty cool, and pretty impressive. In the course of the past year, a lot of writing has been done on a variety of subjects - with thought, care, and craft going into each piece. We've had periods of great output, and we've had periods with not a lot to say - but every time we catch the bug again and I read something truly great on this site.

With a year under our belts, a lot of thinking has gone into what our purpose and priorities should be - and as often as they've changed in the past 365+ days, and as often as they will continue to do so, I think the core goal remains the same - to have an outlet for people with great intelligence, insight, and heart to respond to the world around them in a way that excites, elucidates, and affects. To create a forum for discussion that might not otherwise exist. And to try and aspire to the status of A Gentleman - one who thinks about himself, others, and their place in the world; cares about art, culture, and the society that surrounds it and the people who live it; that treats others with honor and respect, even in the face of honest differences.

I want to thank our current roster of writers who find the time, in spite of being starving artists, overworked law students, momentous activists, and generally busy people to take the time to share as often as they can.
They're all good writers and good friends - honor them by commenting. A lot. We feed on the stuff.

As for me, I promise to take this one year marker as a moment to reinvest in this site as something to cultivate and make a priority, and to take a more active presence with my writing once again.
I think we can up our game.
So I'm stepping up.

And in honor of a year's worth of writing here is a sample of some of my favorite TG posts over the past year. If you're new to the site, please take the time to check them out. They give a great sense of what we're about.

- Max Nova, our most stalwart writer, starts us off proper - saying good by to G.W.
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Here's to another year - And a new Gentleman, Brett Abelman, who will be joining us shortly.

Rock on.

- Jason


B.Graham said...

aww all grown up and cutting teeth!

David Pratt said...

I am a very talented writer.

Jason Heat said...

That's certainly the lesson we should out of all this.