Sunday, November 22, 2009

So I watched an episode of Glee

And it was pretty enjoyable. Hell, even when the teacher came in and announced "This is Ballads Week," I figured, eh I'll still give it a fair shot. The song choices themselves were mildly amusing, except for an excruciatingly bad version version of "Lean on Me" which was as awful as those holiday Gap commercials (and I reaaaaally don't like those ads).

But Sarah mentioned something midway through the episode that explained a lot about why I rather liked the show - the creator of Glee is the same fellow behind Popular, a very odd and often unexpectedly great show that was on the WB during the height of their teen phase. The joy of Popular was that it was often divorced from reality but could get a bit serious at the moments when it mattered.

Glee has the same sensibility, plus there are the songs, which people seem to enjoy. Both shows are unconcerned with creating this sort of hyper-reality that Dawson's Creek and it's ilk aimed for. Everyone on that program had a graduate degree-sized backstory and was fully formed right from the start. Everyone in Glee, from what I could tell, is pretty one-note, but that's not necessarily a problem. A good writer can get characters out of that cul-de-sac and that seems to be what's happening in the show, at least in spurts.

But will I keep watching it every week? Probably not. For now i'll stick with 30 Rock.


Daniel said...

Man, I have to say, I don't really enjoy "Glee." For a few reasons. First off, the whole cartoony, over the top characters don't really do it for me, it's the same reason I can't stand Scrubs, I think.

Secondly, these people ruin songs. They ruin songs. And given, the girl who plays Rachel can sing. Hell, she can belt it. I dig her. But pretty much all the rest? Ehhh...I dunno. That white dude kinda destroyed "No Air." In the bad way.

I guess I understand why people like it, but it pushes a lot of my buttons in a very wrong way.

B.Graham said...

I still haven't seen it, but I really like the concept of having a full musical performance every week, and it seems like the kind of self-aware silly comedy that is right up my alley. I'll let you know more once I actually watch it.