Monday, November 17, 2008

A Bit of Belated Suday Reading

From time to time I think it's worth mentioning some amusing things I read in twin bastions of dead trees - The Washington Post and The New York Times Sunday editions.

Also, I know I'm just a living embodiment of Stuff White People Like. But I generally go for Week in Review before the Magazine, so there.

A Book Review on a Book on the Great Books. All the dead white male a boy or girl could ever want:
And you may be familiar with St. Johns, the University whose curriculum is composed of The Great Books for all students:,_U.S.

What to do with a dead Big Box store:

And Mr. Kristof, the anti-Maureen Dowd, with a bit of hope:

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Jstone said...

use html, none of those are links they are just random letters cobbled together. gosh max!