Sunday, November 9, 2008

You'll Never Live Here Again

Good evening. It's lovely to be writing again.

Two weeks ago on vacation in London I found my way into the Arsenal/Tottenham derby after wandering back and forth a bit looking for a ticket tout. Among the many clever and profane cheers I heard during the game (including "There's only one Tony Adams" which in retrospect was particularly clever) was "You'll Never Play Here Again," a cheer directed at soon to be relegated teams. Given Tottenham's recent form the cheer was a bit premature. But it's still quite a biting chant.

Last week, after the election, in a bit of fortuitousness that was less planned, I found myself outside the White House, and the cheer came into my head again in a slighly different form, "You'll Never Live Here Again." I shouted it out for good measure, but people were already begining to disassociate with the last eight years.

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