Sunday, November 9, 2008

We are but Gentlemen

Welcome to the home of The Gentlemen - your one stop shop for reviews, commentary, and analysis on the worlds of Art, Entertainment, Politics, and Culture. Based out of the DC area, we're going to cover everything from the latest releases to the general trends in mediums as diverse as music to film, theater to comics, and the Capital - as well as slice of life essays from our own experience - and all with our unique touch of sarcasm and class.

Over the coming days and weeks our roster will be unveiled and fleshed out, a column schedule will be decided, and reviews will go up. We encourage posting, e-mails, and discussion.

If you have a copy of something you'd like read, watched, listened to and reviewed please e-mail me at

We are but Gentlemen, and we are here to entertain you.

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