Sunday, November 30, 2008

Books I Didn't Read This Year

. . . or more accurately books I didn't finish this year. Somehow this year I was able to greatly dial down the amount of (non-sports) tv I watched (I have watched enough Scrubs for a lifetime) and read a lot more than I ever have. But while I have read a lot more than any year in the past, a number of books went unfinished for one reason or another. These are all the books that I actually started and have not finished:

Love in the Time Of Cholera
This was simply a case of running out of renewals for this at the library, as it was the last in a stack of books I had checked out at the time. I have tried to dial down the number of books I have checked out, but it is never easy. That said, the stretch I read did not quite grab me as much as I would have hoped. I still will give this a second chance at some point, probably.
Chances of Finishing it Someday: 55%

Norwegian Wood (Or maybe something else by Haruki Murakami)
I think it was Norwegian Wood, it could have been something else by him. Either way, this was a similar situation as above, I just ran out of time. I like Murakami a lot though.
Chances of Finishing it Someday: 70%

The (Really Dull) Adventures of Augie March
Oh God, I got halfway though and I just couldn't continue. The protagonist had nothing compelling going for him and Bellows had a gift for strangling a sentence. I gave it my best, but this was quite unenjoyable.
Chances of Finishing it Someday: 15%

The Best American Non-Required Reading 2007
One of those writing collections where you can read in bits, and that was my situation. I read a chunk of it and then other things come up and I haven't gotten back to this yet.
Chances of Finishing it Someday: 60%

Global Capitalism: Its Fall And Rise in the 20th Century
I still have this in the currently reading and have gotten through a lot of the "gold standard era" pile but a number of books have snuck by it for the time being. It's really quite interesting and I will finish it at some point.
Chances of Finishing it Someday: 75%

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