Friday, June 19, 2009

Blue Moon

Nighttime's a good time for me. Somedays, I don't feel quite awake until dusk hits. Not that I'm a particularly tired or inattentive person during the day - in fact, I enjoy daytime very much - night's just a preferable environment for me to be active. The air's cooler and crisper. Often, there's a breeze that cuts whatever humidity is left. This helps the air ultimately smell cleaner, which I particularly enjoy. Moonlight and street lamps are easier on the eyes. There's less traffic, so it's usually quieter. And, if I want noise, the kinds I want are easier to find. Nighttime is a soothing time for me. As such, most of my personal stories will feature friends and myself at some point in the given night enjoying all that I have explained above.

This is not one of those times.

No sir, this took place last Saturday around noon - a hot, sticky, windless day following a night of debauchery and localized mayhem. I joined a rag-tag gathering of haggard 20-somethings in the process of recovery, caught in the heat, looking for a cure. The cure, believe it or not, would be inside a restaurant called Blue Moon Café - a night-themed, all-day breakfast bistro built out the first floor of an old townhouse in Fells Point. Gentle Readers, I advise that if you visit Blue Moon to do so as we did - when the hunger starts to settle in full force. Allow the beast inside to begin its distinguished wail for beverages and nourishment before you step within. I say this because the portions are going to be huge and delicious. This will include the cinnamon buns offered at the start of the meal. They were as big as my head, covered in icing, and they looked fantastic.

Everything on Blue Moon's affordable menu is 100% homemade from scratch - including jam, biscuits, aforementioned buns, and hash-browns. They had three specials the day we went, including The Captain Crunch French Toast (their world-renowned dish served daily), a crab-meat omelette with brie cheese and pine-nuts, and a southwestern breakfast burrito (filled with eggs, cheese, sausage, ham, and hash-browns, then smothered with more cheese and jalapeño salsa). I ordered the burrito which is, at this point, the best $11 I've spent on breakfast to date. If it helps, it was probably capable of feeding two, which this Gentleman packed away to his utmost enjoyment with only mild-discomfort. Not eating breakfast was probably a good idea.

Blue Moon Café gave us the cure and we were gracious. The service was expedient and friendly. It was a little warm inside, but much of that was due to my burrito - it functioned like a camp-fire for the table only able to be extinguished by consumption. Be prepared for an extended wait time before hand, as the dining area is tiny, so it fills up fast. However, that leaves plenty of time to explore Fells Point, shop at local stores, or, if you are anything like this group, discover pirate ships fleeing the Baltimore Harbor after what can only be assumed was a night of debauchery and localized mayhem. What else do pirates do on Friday nights? I assume hiding/finding buried treasure to be a 9 - 5 thing.


Jstone said...

I had the exact opposite experience there. The food was turrible and the place was over crowded and the service was absolutely horrible. And the waitress told me if I ate something off someone elses plate she would charge me extra!

Dennis said...

You mean to tell me, they charge you extra just for eating off of another persons plate?!?!

I want to eat here. That picture looks amazing. Also, I've always wanted to eat a burrito that also functions as a campfire. Although, if it is really crowded and small, I might just run away instead.

ali d said...

I love breakfast. I love it so much that I'd be willing to overlook bad service and ridiculous extra charges if a restaurant were to offer me cinnamon buns at the start of my meal. Sounds amazing.

Also, I would imagine there are day-shift pirates and night-shift pirates, allowing for full-time mayhem and debauchery.

Capt. said...

I also love breakfast, and the idea of a cinnamon bun the size of my head is very intriguing. However, after a night of debauchery and mayhem I find I need pancakes before my day job of treasure hunting.
I do seem to find most of my treasure during the day, it's more of a 7 to 5 thing. And you would be surprised at how much mayhem and debauchery you can fit in along the way.