Friday, June 12, 2009


If there is one thing I have noticed in my few years in Virginia it's that people down here really like vanity license plates. Perhaps part of it is the reasonable price of vanity plates compared to other states is perhaps part of the of the reason, but getting them involves going to the DMV. And lets face it, if the DMV was giving away free ice cream, I still wouldn't go there unless I absolutely had to. Whatever the reason, though, VA apparently has the highest amount of special plates of any state.

This means my day is often brightened by seeing creative avoidances of vowels, inspired abbreviations of the word Hokie, and those zany Free Tibet custom plates which I must imagine go like Hotcakes down in "real Virigina".

But all of that was just prologue until yesterday, when I saw the most mysterious of all plates. I'm rarely one to just take a camera phone picture, especially at a light, but this was an exception:

Yes, iPhone cameras suck, but if it's not clear the plate says HOT JANK. I don't know what the implications of "Hot Jank" as a vanity plate means. Maybe the person regularly uses HOT lanes. Perhaps their last name is Jank and they are exceedingly attractive. Somehow though, I just don't think either of those is really the case. Truly some riddles will never be solved.


Kat said...

The best vanity license plate I've ever seen:


That is all it said. Perfect, no?

Matt Lindeboom said...

The only one I actually remember is, "Treye Me," and only because I was with my grandmother and she said, "Well you know what that guy is about."

That and 'Diana 2'. I always wondered who had Diana 1?

ali d said...

Best one I've ever seen (not in person, online): Numfar. I love anyone else who gets the reference.

I have to disagree with you though, Max. I hate the VA vanity plates. They irritate me. I don't care that you're DadsGrl and I don't feel like figuring out what Abi2de is supposed to mean. One in three VA license plates is a vanity plate. It just needs to stop.

Stephen said...
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Stephen said...

One reason to go to the DMV in VA is to get one of those new funkadelic driver's licenses.

When will DC realize that purple see-thru driver's licenses with black and white photos are the only way to go?