Friday, June 26, 2009

The King of Pop, in Memoriam

Michael Jackson died today, yesterday really but it's still today for me, at age 50.

There's not a lot I can say about him that hasn't already been said and re-hashed and joked about, but love him or hate him, he was probably the most famous, and most consistently famous, single person record breaking controversial superstar that there ever was. And that has got to take a toll on a person like I can't even imagine. He was far too young to go, but old and gone in ways that were terrible and sad to see, even years ago.

He was only alive for 50 years, but we were watching intently for 39 of them. We saw the rise, the fall, the rebirth, the mess and the glory. But whatever it was to us, tabloid news, fodder for jokes, shock and interest, it was his life. Tumultuous to say the least, but it was his, and now it's over.

So wherever you are, MJ, I hope you're at peace. And thanks for all the hits.


Dennis said...

Michael Jackson's life really just makes me sad, for reasons you listed in your post. People were not meant to be famous like that. It distorts reality.

In remembering MJ I will skip over the child molestation and numerous surgeries and simply remember him as that guy who made Thriller and who dangled a baby over a ledge. Man that dangling baby bit was great. R.I.P.

B.Graham said...

Dennis, I love that you are also awake at 3:20 in the morning. I miss our late-night talks.

Daniel said...

It's kind of mindblowing, the whole thing, isn't it? What's really amazing is how there doesn't seem to be a waiting period to start making jokes about him. I've seen a ton of stuff on twitter, facebook, the like, just ripping the guy, and he's been dead hardly 12 hours!

i guess i've just always thought you do your best to respect the dead, not necessarily hold them up on a pedestal, but come on, they're dead. they can't defend themselves.

Max Nova said...

Daniel -- an offensive joke about MJ's death popped into my head pretty much as soon as it happened. I think that's been the nature of his existence for the past 20 years or so. Stuart of Mogwai summed up Michael pretty perfectly:

"You bought the Elephant Man's bones and sent a statue of yourself round the world. RIP you amazingly talented loonball."