Tuesday, June 23, 2009

You Are My Daughter (Part 2)

Part 1

In High School 'Livejournal,' the awkward socially inept pre-pubescent cousin of blogging, was a huge part of my social circle. Not in the sense that we all became friends through the internet, we were a very close knit group of friends in real life, thank you - everyone just seemed to have one, and the concept became a part of our vocabulary. This was back when the internet felt just a little less public (which is an absolutely ludicrous premise in restrospect) and there was some degree of comfort that you had a pretty good idea of exactly who your audience was based on your 'friend's list.' Obviously, that turned out never to be the case. I often feel the need to write, but can't write without an audience, which has in the past led me to putting a few things out into cyberspace that maybe I ought to have thought better of first, or at least changed a few names. Livejournal certainly began that trend.

In my senior year of High School I transferred from JDS to Wootton and became friends with an entirely new group of people, including a girl named Marian. I met her for the first time outside on the front steps in the midst of a crowd just before a pep rally. She stood out, despite standing a foot or so below everyone else. She was tiny, vibrant, and exuding energy like a pixie, wood nymph, or sprite. I may well be romanticizing a memory, but she had a certain light in her eyes, a hopeful gleam that stood out in spite of a number of personal issues she dealt with. We became really close, and she was a good friend, and her boyfriend at the time went on to become and stay one of my best friends to this day.

At a certain point we started to lose touch, and I've been thinking about her quite a bit lately since I decided to write this story, but I haven't spoken with her in several years now and I'm not even sure how I'd get in touch with her if I wanted. She got more heavily into drugs, issues started to weigh on her more and more and that very pure youthful exuberance she had first got lost behind a cloudy haze and then seemed to slowly drain out of her until her face was a hollow looking husk of what it had once been. The last time I saw her she looked so old. I think she's out on a farm somewhere in the Mid West, if I remember correctly, and I hope she's happy. I very suddenly miss her and a lot of other people from that brief period of my life.

But sometime after she and my friend broke up and before she and I fully lost touch we made out a few times. And online, she had been flirting with my friend Denny a bit. So one night me, Denny, and our friend Drew were hanging out at Tower (oh how we miss you Tower, go to spot of Rockville Pike for twenty-something layabouts) - I think Den had just come home from school on break and none of us had seen each other in awhile. Neither Den or I had seen Marian for a bit so we decided to go visit her. Drew wasn't particularly thrilled with the decision because he just wanted to have a night with three of us, but he went along. On the long drive into the depths of deep potomac, where fellow Gent Scotty Maxwell makes his home, I think he wondered exactly what he had gotten himself into.

Drew wasn't known for his comfort and dexterity in new social situations, so Denny and I looked at each other in unspoken agreement. We pretty much knew one of us was hooking up with Marian that night, and so the other one would look after Drew.

We got to her parents' house (we had just started college and she was still in High School) and walked down to the basement to see a group of kids sitting around a hookah and drinking beer. This may not seem particularly strange, but in high school my group of friends once played a basement show at a house when someone shouted that they had found a whole fridge full of beer. There was a pause and then we asked if they had any lemonade. We never hung around drinking or smoking and seeing a group of kids bumming around drinking beer while her parents were totally home and apparently cool with was just weird. I remember Drew sitting down, taking a puff full of Hookah, and exhaling the smoke while saying 'Dude, I'm so Straight Edge' and at the same time giving me a look plaintively begging for us to leave.

There was me, Denny, Drew, Marian, a few others, and the brother/sister due of Ahmed and Yas. Ahmed was two years younger than me, and his sister was two years younger than him which made her a High School freshman who looked 12 years old. For a bunch of newly minted college kids this was getting a little weird. Ahmed was a total pothead who also hooked up with a LOT of girls in very impersonal ways - most of whom he met through Yas. The most famous anecdote is that a friend of hers was sleeping over, snuck into Ahmed's room to hook up with him, and he ended up having anal sex without even kissing her. How that happens, I really have no idea.

The basement layout was a set of stairs that led down into an open room where all the beer and Hookah was in plain view. To the side was an alcove that couldn't be seen from the steps where Mario Kart 64 was on. Denny and Marion start playing when suddenly Marian very loudly announces - "Denny, we're gonna race now. And if you win, I'm going to give you head. And if I win, I'm going to give you head."

Den and I look at each other. It's now officially my night to watch Drew.

I can't remember who won the game (Den is telling me now via AIM that he did) but I do remember her dragging him across the room to a closet or somesuch while everyone around the Hookah table cat-called at how good she was at giving head. The door closed and Drew and I settled in for a long night of Mario Kart.

Soon after, Ahmed started to stumble around drunk and almost hit the door where Marion and Den were getting to it. Yas called out "Don't interupt them!"
And in a violent rage I had NEVER seem him have until this moment Ahmed screamed back "Why is it anytime she's getting some you try not to bother her, but you go out of your way to interupt me!"

and which point the seeming twelve year old screamed back in a sad, lost little whine "because they're always my FRIENDS!"

Drew involuntarilly responded by making a high pitched gurgle of disbelief that dogs in PG County could have heard.

It was then that Marian's mom came downstairs looking for her. She was seemingly nonplussed by the the beer and the smoke. But she kept asking for Marian. At first - silence. Awkward, awkward silence. Then Ahmed, in full view of her, put his head to the ground and said in a fake high pitch girl's voice "What is it mom?"
More silence.

Then she said "Where's Schlafstein?"

Now remember, Drew and I are playing Mario Kart in the alcove and can't be seen. I have NO idea what she wants from me, and her daughter is currently giving my good friend a blow job in a closet. Nothing good can come of this.
I slowly peek my head around the wall.

"Where's Marian? What's going on here?" She asked.

"I don't know." I lied.

"Come on, I know you're the responsible one. I read your Livejournal."

Before I had time to process that particularly horrifying revelation, Denny walked out of the door DIRECTLY behind her, followed by Marian who either had her shirt on backwards or was still putting it on.

Her mom took one look at her and said -
"You are my daughter."
She laughed, and went upstairs.

Denny looked at me, looked at Drew, and said "So, we're leaving."

Marian said "You can stay,"

"No, we're gonna go."

And so we left. Drew made us promise never to make him go anywhere like that again.

That was when I first realized that you never know just who might be reading these - from potential employers, to your ex-girlfriend, or your friend's mom.

But it's okay, because I'm the responsible one.


Stephen said...

You, sir, are an excellent storyteller.

B.Graham said...

I second that. And I still have a livejournal.

Kat said...

I third the first comment and second the second -- I still have a livejournal too.