Wednesday, December 23, 2009

A Gentlemanly Reminder

Dear AT&T and Slightly Less Talented Wilson Brother,

It comes to my attention that you do not know how to begin a discussion. This little ad on Facebook is quite poorly executed:

Perhaps you could back up that statement with a reference? Perhaps you could wipe that smug look off your face? Perhaps you could work faster to make my phone work when I'm riding the Metro.

How about this as a starting point: "AT&T has a 3G Network. This has been independently verified." It's a good start and it's all factual!


Jstone said...

its fun to see companies combat each other through advertising. Verizon has these "maps" which show 3G coverage on both networks, then AT&T fires back saying you can get cell service in 11,000 cities in America. These two things are not the same, but the consumer is relatively unaware and left to their own devices to decide who is "lying."
If you live in a place where you get AT&T service and you like the iPhone, get an iPhone fa chriss sake ya mook! If you live in a place where you get Verizon and you like the Droid, same. All this fanboy hate is just silly.

PS- Macs blow.

Daniel said...

Yes! Thank you. Those ads drip with smug and they drive me nuts.

Sent from my Droid

Alex said...

You say 'less talented,' I say 'more attractive.'

Matt Lindeboom said...

Re: JStone, Macs blow

Counter: Microsoft Vista.

That said, I'm in the market for a Droid. I like Google's open source whimsy better than Apple's control fetish. Now if only I could buy a good phone without it being attached to a 2 year contract to one of two shitty wireless providers.

Ozkirbas said...

I like Luke Wilson
I love it when ads directly slam competing companies
My comment seemed unbalanced without a third statement

B.Graham said...

i'll stick with my broke-ass phone that doesn't cost an extra $80/mo thanks

Stephen said...

The postcard commercial is awful. He's basically listing major cities that any wireless network would cover. Weak sauce.