Sunday, December 20, 2009

You're a Virgin Who Can't Drive

I was a freshman in high school before I saw the movie Clueless. The movie was already 5 years old, and the styles and phrases were way outdated (totally!). It quickly, however, became one of my "feel good movies." Those movies that I could trust to put me in a good mood, no matter what. If I needed a pick-me-up, I was sure to be smiling at the end of a movie off that list. Even to this day, it makes my heart flutter a bit when Paul Rudd catches Alicia Silverstone in that first kiss at the top of the stairs.

And even to this day, I feel a little bit awkward and uncomfortable when Brittany Murphy is on the fringes of the impromptu photo shoot outside the school. She didn't quite fit in. I got that then, and I get that now. She almost sacrifices her friendship with Cher over a petty high school fight, and when they make up it feels like I've just hugged it out with my own bestie.

Brittany Murphy died this morning at the age of 32, just 15 short years after playing Tai in Clueless. If you ask me, it's a huge loss. She wasn't in high art films, and she was never up for an Oscar, but she was usually a feel good character. You rooted for her. Her smile was contagious. There is a lot of speculation already (What caused her heart attack? Was it drugs? Diabetes? Ugh, whatEVer.), but also a lot of praise heaped on her from fellow actors. Her death, even more than Heath Ledger's, made me stop in my tracks and ask, What the H, Hollywood? This just isn't right. Is it the pressure? The fast-paced don't stop lifestyles? Why does it seem, more than ever, that people are dying far too young? Or am I just now learning to pay attention? In the end, I'm just sad that someone who was able to make me happy is gone. I hope she knows how many fans loved watching her characters.

If you haven't seen Clueless, I'd recommend it. As B. mentioned in her teen movie intro post, it really captures what it meant to be a teenager in the 90s. And it's a feel good movie. I bet you'll like it.

I was wondering if I should chill with a movie tonight, and now I know. I'm going to pop my Clueless 10th Anniversary dvd in and roll with the homies. For Tai.


ali d said...

My roommate just summed up my sentiments much more succinctly than I did:

"She was cute. I liked her."

B.Graham said...

no this is great, and as a fellow fan of the feel-good movie/actor, I appreciate it

Matt Lindeboom said...

The news really did make me sad. She was a small presence I took for granted.

Also, "Finding Nemo" is my feel good movie.

ali d said...

Legally Blonde is another one of mine. By the time "One Girl Revolution" plays over the credits, I'm always up off the couch and dancing around the living room.