Monday, February 23, 2009

A Call for Questions - (Casa)Nova and Ask the Rabbi

Looking for questions to be submitted for two different features!

- The first is a brand new weekly relationship advice column to be answered by our very own Max (Casa)Nova. Any questions pertaining to relationships, sex, love, intimacy, parenting and the like are all fair game and every week Max will answer one or two in his inimitatable style. Feel free to post your questions here or e-mail them with the subject 'CasaNova.'

- Second - I recently discovered that my friend and coworker Justin is also an ordained Orthodox Rabbi. He's agreed to field any questions our readers may have regarding Judaism, the orthodox perspective on any current social or political issues, and the like. Feel free to post your questions in the comments section or send them here with the subject 'Rabbi.'

Tomorrow I'll be finishing The State of These Gentlemen, and over the course of the week you can look forward to the second part of my review of Alan Moore: Wild Worlds, as well as the first posts from Ali, John, and Scotty.


Ozkirbas said...

Dear Rabbi: "Has the current economic situation resulted in a downfall in either the number of brises that you have had to deal with or the number of brises done by Moyles nationally?"

Dear Casanova: "When, if ever, is it appropriate to chastise parents for their unruly children? How is it done appropriately? And, can you provide a representative sample?"

Dialectric said...

colliDear Rabbi,

Recently, therewas something of a hullabaloo about the roman catholic pope reinstating a bishop who questions the generally widespread consensus on facts concerning the internment and systematic murder of large numbers of jews during and around world war 2. How does this mesh with a worldview that maintains the universe was created 5700 and sixty-some years ago, in the face of all evidence and general consensus to the contrary?

Brittany said...

Dear Rabbi:

What is a "Jew for Jesus"?

Dear [Casa]Nova:

Is there a universal rule for what is inappropriate public behavior for couples or is it just that I get uncomfortable easily?

Also: What is your take on the oh-so prevalent myspace/facebook couples kissing picture? How do you think it reflects our society? DO you think it reflects our society?

Meg said...

Dear Rabbi: On a more superficial note, how do bald Jews keep their yarmulkes on their heads? I see men with hair using hair pins to keep their yarmulkes down. Is a bald head more conducive to the yarmulke, or is there some double-sided tape being employed?

Dear Casanova: Is there a polite way to approach the parents of an overextended, over-involved, and exhausted child about cutting back their kid's extracurricular activities? I am fairly close with the parents, somewhat closer with the child. The child has expressed a desire to pare down his activities, but fears his parents' disapproval. I hate to meddle, especially inappropriately, but I hate to see this kid so upset and worn out.

Many thanks!