Monday, February 23, 2009

How A Little Golden Naked Man Makes Me Cry

Watching the Oscars somehow takes the sting out of sewing until 3am to finish the costumes you designed for a show that opens in a matter of days.

Except for the fact that the costume drama ALWAYS wins Best Costumes and that is extremely unsettling to only me. Max Nova might have similar ill will toward the fact that the musical almost always wins Best Score.

I know, in my heart of hearts, that it's a ridiculous, self indulgent fare in which a bunch of people who love themselves get dressed up and congratulate themselves (and each other) on a job well done. But I don't care. I want to be a part of that so badly that it hurts. It aches like an amputated limb. A ghost of something I don't have, still somehow twisting the pain receptors in my brain until I want to cry. Until I DO cry.

And there are moments of somber recognition, like watching the Ledger family, a tiny group of very definitely non-histrionic, non-self indulgent artists, standing before all of Hollywood in the wake of their very real tragedy. Not ours, theirs.

And there's the fact that often the only recognition artists get is that which they bestow upon themselves. You can fight me on that, and I don't mind. No one knows what an art director is, or that someone designed and implemented the scars and color of the pirates' teeth in that blockbuster. So if they want to get dressed up and parade around congratulating themselves at the end of a hard year, an especially hard one this year, then I say go for it.

And I want my invitation.


Jason Heat said...

Golden Naked Men make me cry all the time.

But then, i work at a gym.

Ozkirbas said...

After we break into the Mormon Temple, we should set our sights to the Oscars

David Pratt said...

At Albany we had a student-organized awards ceremony every year called the Aggies (for Agnes Futterer, guardian spirit of Albany's theatre department). They included amusing musical numbers, videos, and roasts of popular students. It was also a suit-and-tie affair. This was the one time of the year students received recognition for their work in the department.

I have an Aggie back in New York for best run crew. It was a proud moment.

Jason Heat said...

My 'Waggie' (for Dan Wagner) is hanging on my wall.

ali d said...

I wore my Waggie on graduation day. And Brittany, I spent the entire three hours that I watched the Oscars thinking about how awesome it's going to be when you and I are there together.

Max Nova said...

Y'know, as much as the awards tend toward cliches, it makes it way easier to pick the winners correctly. That's how I got Sean Penn correct (recent historical figure played by big name act) and a number of the technical categories were obvious, superhero/action movies are generally going to win for sound. And there was no way Benjamin Button wasn't going to win most of the visual effects.

I'm just still sad MIA didn't win.