Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Two amusing takes on the suburbs today came across my computer screen:

First Allison Arieff, who writes really wonderful irregular blog posts on the New York Times. She mentions a few good books and a few good examples of more forward thinking ideas actually in practice, and one in Vienna, VA to boot!

Then there's DCist's greatest and most insane and insightful poster - Monkeyerotica with a expletive-laden takedown of all that is unholy in the exburban hell that is Prince Williams County (if it's not ringing a bell, think Nissan Pavilion).

I'm not gonna lie, I feel the monkey's assessment is more accurate.


Stephen said...

I checked out that link to The World Without Us, which is located in your first link, and that was a pretty nifty site.

AZWiner said...

hahaha I <3 monkeyrotica