Saturday, February 7, 2009

"Mental Assault II: Rogue Squadron" or "World: 1 John Ozkirbas: 0"

I lost. I admit that here and now. The cataclysmic struggle between real-world practicality and my ego, which is so large that it has its own gravitational pull, an ego with a pull so grand that I'm fairly certain it can absorb and compact other egos, has ended. Violently. In what I can only describe as a sneak-attack of epic proportions, you have haphazardly yet systematically convinced me of the distinct possibility that I, actually, know nothing about how the universe works. Science, I take my hat off to you. You have officially broken my brain.

Below you'll find two links to other blogs. The first features an interesting theory on geographical hard drives. Quite literally: the ability to use the geological formations on planet Earth to store complex information. Seriously check it out. It's a good read.

But the second. Oh the second one. You, sir, have approached me from the shadows to leave the last image I see the cold, hard pavement rushing up to greet me. I am stunned. Frustrated. Not because your physics borders on beyond my comprehension. But, because you've provided the sole possibility that the universe, as we know it, isn't:

I never saw it coming. How could I? What does this mean? Is the world a lie? Are we simply unwitting parties of some higher-being's holodeck experiment? Are the delicate balances between human nature and our environment just a three-dimensional glimmer on some 5th Dimensional Driver's License? Or does this simply mean that the laws of the universe just function like a hologram should? Does nothing we do matter? Has Nihilism won? If nothing we do matters, then all that matters is what you do... right? What does that mean I should DO!?

What happens when the hologram turns off!?


PS - My ego isn't that big. I'm really just throwing that in for the sake of melodrama.

PPS - I acknowledge that my previous statement could, actually, prove that I am wrong about my ego. And I am ok with that.


David Pratt said...

This confirms my long-standing theory that Captain Picard is God.

Stephen said...

Great. First the economy was in a recession, now it's all a freakin' hologram.

That's it, I'm buying Euros.

Jason Heat said...

See, I told you! Black holes scare the SHIT out of me.

Ozkirbas said...

If we make the leap to say that our universe is playing out on a 5th Dimensional Holodeck on Starship Enterprise AND suggest that Captain Jean luc Pricard is the equivocal "diety" of said Holodeck, does that make Patrick Stewart a vessel for the diety's voice? Or is he the man that pulls God's strings?

Side Question: Borg assimilation. Should I be worried?

ali d said...

You should always be worried about Borg assimilation. They're going to steal your technology and then graft it onto you face. And the whole hive mind thing is super creepy.

And as the girl who's dated you for the longest in this world, I feel that I am qualified to say that yes, your ego is that big.

Damo said...

"...does that make Patrick Stewart a vessel for the diety's voice? Or is he the man that pulls God's strings?"

He's the guy that cashes God's royalty checks and signs his name at conventions.

AZWiner said...

In all seriousness.. Oz, Scotty, someone... please explain what I've just read.

i read those words so many times
and i still only have an idea of what theyre talking about and im not sure that idea is even right!!

Damo said...

I actually like this concept. It instantly validates The Matrix, Tron, and Captain N: The Game Master.

Damo said...