Monday, February 9, 2009

A Match Made Somewhere

For those that don't know, Rob is one of the most reviled comic book artists ever. Fairly or unfairly there is an incredible hate, especially amongst the online crowd, towards anything that Liefeld touches at this point. The main reason being his inability to put ANYTHING out on time (we're talking multiple year delays sometimes), absolutely no sense of human anatomy, an affinity for gigantic shoulder pads, and obviously reusing the same art over and over repurposed for different comics. He's basically considered the poster boy for the '90s style that was hugely popular and also nearly killed the industry with style over substance, variant covers, and all flash.

Brett Ratner is the esteemed director of such films as Rush Hour 2 and X3. He is probably the most reviled man on this blog, with at least two or three posts with me or Strauss going on violent tirades that stop just short of wishing his mother had the foresight to make his father wear a condom.

I'm a douche!

And now they're together at last.
I'm actually looking forward to this in that perverse way that I enjoy picking scabs or doing karaoke to Nickelback.


Anonymous said...

thanks for calling us scholars guys! way too kind... Nice blog you have going here though, keep it up!

Daniel said...

what an idiot. what a bunch of idiots. idiots who deserve each other.

idiots, who have a ton of money. IDIOTS.

Anonymous said...

Wow. "Someone left the vitriol [out] in the rain... and I don't think that I can take it,..."