Sunday, January 11, 2009

The Green Machine

In today’s world, green is in. Trendy, even. From the assertion that Hybrid cars are both economically and environmentally responsible to almost every dot-com companies’ reassurance that they operate without paper, it’s hard to discern who’s actually working to solve a problem and who’s capitalizing on what kicks up in the wake. Today, Gentle Reader, I provide for you what seems to be real, efficient, green power. I introduce to you Ze-Gen: Green Wave to the Future. Come, take a journey with me.

Based in Massachusetts, Ze-Gen and associates have provided a viable theory for producing energy from daily waste. Trash. Tires. Non-recyclables. All these items which plagued our planet and (and our nostrils) we can now use to generate significant amounts of clean energy. The process has been dubbed “Waste Gasification Technology” and, if projections are correct, could potentially replace many current modes of electricity generation.

The process works as such:
(In layman’s terms. Forgive me for oversimplifications)

Trash is collected, compacted, and compiled into a giant furnace which is initially heated (by typical means) until the furnace becomes super-heated and the trash begins to burn. If I’m not mistaken, the heat is self-sustaining as long as the heat is consistently fed and can be shut-down and restarted without completely stopping the process. The furnace becomes so hot that the trash melts down into slag and liquid metal and releases a substance called Syn-Gas – comprised of energy rich Hydrogen gas and Carbon Monoxide containing 300 BTU. (Side Note: I understand carbon content having energy possibilities, but isn’t Carbon Monoxide a previously unusable gas waste? Am I wrong about that?) Slag and liquid metal are produced in small amounts and are used by construction companies, Syn-Gas is stored and sold (I think), and the collection process for the gas can produce enough electricity to run an area that uses as much energy as the University of Maryland (approximately 40 Megawatts per plant).

Needless to say, projections have investors VERY interested and, if enough money can be generated, the first working Gasification Plant should be up and running soon. Very soon even. To the Gentle Readers, I ask your thoughts. Feelings. Criticisms. I implore you to click the link above and research the matter for yourself. Correct my errors. Patch over my shortcomings. In other words, post below.


Stephen said...

Selling industrial gas? Is Lando Calrissian involved?

Ozkirbas said...

He should be. He needs to be. Lando Calrissian for President!