Friday, January 30, 2009

Ice Priorities

This week there was a bit of ice. I did what I usually do in these circumstances, given that I live a mile and change from work - I walked. Luckily I didn't fall on my ass and there were only a couple of proper slip 'n' slide moments. But for multiple days most of the sidewalks on my path were troublingly unattended. Now, don't get me wrong, I don't expect all sidewalks to be magically clean the moment I set out to work. I don't even expect that of the roads. But after the roads have been somewhat attended to - take care of the walkers. The first stretch I walk is Gosnell Road, a short stretch that connects Route 7 and Chain Bridge Road, two major arteries.

Tysons Corner had ambitions (delusions) of becoming some sort of great walkable, livable hub (Arlington). But clearly when the conditions get bad, there's a disturbing lack of attention to helping pedestrians. Those who ride the bus, and there are actually quite a lot in Tysons, need to be able to walk to the already poorly tended bus stops without busting their ass.

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Stephen said...

I laughed real hard at "bit of ice."

I second this whole post.